Anarchists in Krakow

On Joszefa Street, several people gathered to protest against Da Silva House and the Church’s plans to develop two buildings (Joszefa 9 and 11) into hotels and conference centers.


The activists say that the company in question, De Silva House, has “evil plans.”

for investment. The protest is also against the evictions of some residents. Jakub has been a member of Krakow Anarchist Federation for five years. The organization itself has been around since 1986. He says that some of his friends have risked arrest and their jobs before since it is required by law to register with the police and disclose logistical details to the local authorities. He is a law student and while he does not want to get involved in politics–he encourages people not to vote because of the corruption–he wants to use his education to rewrite current legislation that currently enables companies to gentrify and forcibly evict pensioners by jacking up the rents.

There is not enough security for the current tenants–and because building is privately owned–there is nothing the State can do to help the residents. So, it is currently legal to dramatically increase the rents, he says.

I’m going to interview the developers. This will be continued.

Poster of the Ulica Joszefa Protest

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