Pumpkin Pepper Soup

I went to the Stary Kleparz the other day–an open-air produce market that is known for high quality and inexpensive produce. I bought 1/4 of a pumpkin, peppers, garlic and other fruits and vegetables. Later last night I got creative and I wanted to experiment with pumpkin.
I diced the pumpkin, 1 pepper, and a couple cloves of garlic and cooked them together. Then, I added some grape seed oil, threw in an egg for protein, and a cup of wild red rice (healthier than brown or white) and cooked it all together for an hour on low heat. It was a bit bland, so I sprinkled in some pepper, and seasoning like basil, tomato sauce, coriander and fennel. And while it was just okay last night–today since it had time to seep in the flavors–it was much better. It kind of resembles this:
Maybe I’ll cook it in a curry sauce next time with fennel seeds to make it more like the above…

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