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British-isms I find confusing…

1. Shower Cabin. When I hear the word “cabin” I think of a quaint log cabin in the woods, where one would store hunting rifles, fishing gear, and firewood. My friend K the other day, sporting the poshest British accent in the world, was talking about how when she steps into the “shower cabin” its “hers” and not the spider’s she sees there. Its Goodbye, Spider she says. While I understood her perfectly, this combination causes me to picture, a couch, a fireplace and perhaps a little cooker in a shower stall. Shall I roast a brisket in there, while at it?


2. Toilet used in lieu of Bathroom. Bathroom is more vague but it leaves more to the imagination. If I say “I’m going to the toilet” it only leaves one possibility open. The bathroom is so much more. On the other hand,  saying “Where is your bathroom?” has caused hosts to raise their eyebrows. Because sometimes the shower/bath tub is in a separate room than the toilet itself. So I suppose asking for the latter implies that I’m asking to take an hour-long bubble bath in the host’s home…and while at it, could they pour me a glass of wine and light some candles?


More to come…

Home Grown Terrorists

Recently, the State Department issued a statement, warning Americans overseas to be “mindful” of possible retaliation for the killing Anwar al-Awlaki. 

One of the most memorable articles I read was “The Jihadist Next Door.”  It is reminiscent of Nidal Malik Hassan, of the Ford Hood shooting.

Terrorism and acts of violence can happen anywhere. It has happened in Krakow this year to Kate Zaks . The Krakow Post poignantly published her last article.

While I will be “mindful” of my surroundings, I refuse to live in fear. Common sense with an appreciation for where I am are the best survival skills I can have or anyone can have.







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