Quick Trip to Lodz

Lodz, pronounced “Woodzh” (rhymes almost with Woods) is a 5 hour train ride north of Krakow and in a totally different region from Malopolska or Lesser Poland.

I just came back from Lodz where I saw the Museum of Modern Art. It was pretty well…confrontational. Modern Art is not my favorite but because I heard that it was the oldest of its kind in Poland–figured I had to see it for myself. Lets just say there were exhibitions called “Object Fetish Phantasms” and “Body Protethis Imagination.” My favorite Polish artist, who was not displayed there, is Tamara Lempicka (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamara_de_Lempicka)
 I was watching TV here the other day and apparently: its quite popular for Germans to sail or boat from Berlin to Poland on the Watra or Odra River. And around the border there is a “ship-lift” that literally lifts yachts so they could rise “across” the border. And on the same river route–there are many little touristic spots like Mychiod, the Notec Forest which is known for having a group of wild wolves that behave as if they’re tame, and other natural spots that are home to many rare birds: black storks, red kites, eagles, herons etc. To preserve the nature and to get more tourists–a lot of funding comes from specifically Germany, Poland and then the EU.

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