The Caucasian Challenge

Two of my friends and I are prospectively planning to participate in next year’s Caucasian Challenge.

What is this, you might ask? On Facebook, someone asked whether it was open to non-white people. One of my friends commented that it sounds like something the KKK would organize. It is neither. It is, rather, an open to the public rally that one could enter in the competition in a team limited from 1-4 people, or in the touring category in which there are less restrictions. The “race” begins in Budapest and ends in Yerevan, Armenia and along the way, you are supposed to cross through several checkpoints in such countries as Albania, Kosovo, Georgia, Nagorno Karabakh and Greece. There is also a new rally similar to the “Caucasian Challenge” that begins in two weeks known as Central Asia Rally. It starts also in Budapest, crosses through Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan and concludes in Tajikstan.  I believe you also have to go through parts of Afghanistan. It is an 18 day race that covers 5000 miles. It seems a bit more challenging than the Caucasian Challenge.

If I were to enter the Caucasian Challenge it would not be until August 2013. That means my teammates and I have potentially 15 months to plan for this: to get funding, sharpen our driving skills, get the right car and save up money for this international adventure.

I have always wanted to do this since I first found out about it a few years ago in 2009. Not only had eI found Robert Kaplan’s books on traveling in both regions fascinating and compelling, but I have had dreams of these places since I first learned how to read.

I also would plan to create an indie-style mockumentary of the project. I have the tools necessary for the film and am open to accept a 4th team member, new ideas and suggestions.

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