Be an Idiot Day in Poland (amongst other things)

Today must be “Be An Idiot Day” in Krakow because I’ve encountered locals [men] displaying less than savory behavior. Example 1: There were a throng of Orthodox Jews walking down the street on Miodowa and a couple of Polish youths speculating where “they” [i.e the Jews] hid “their money” and how they control the worlds’ banks etc. I approached them and said well where do you think they hide them, under their hats? And there’s a reason Jews are reputably smart: they don’t sit around making idiotic comments. Second Example: A dozen or so young men grunting loudly and drunkenly on the roof of Galeria Kazimierz. On lighter note, we met a lovely rural Finnish couple who looked like they walked out of a Winslow Homer painting. Man had a cowboy hat and the lady had a farm-style dress and bright purple dress, asking why the “New” (since 1800) Jewish cemetery was locked as she wanted to explore it. She said she didn’t know any Jews, but asked me if I had people buried there. I said no but probably somewhere else in the country. She went on to say that her father had recently died at age 90, and had proudly fought the Russians in WW2.

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