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We live in a Zoo

Dog got into verboten room. Dog went to greet cat. Cat attacked dog with a smart swipe across the face. Puddle of blood ensued. I dragged Dog out, put some neosporin and bandaids on her snout which she didn’t like. Cat is growling and hissing behind the closed door, wanting to be let out of that room. Dog wants to get into the room at any chance possible.

Cat is needed for a swatch of her fur to donate for neighbors to help them scare away mice. So among us we have humans, dog, cat, and now rodents. Will tomorrow bring about a snake?

Grandpa pretending to be a coyote or a wolf

11 years ago on the 11th

11 years ago, about an hour ago was when my mother shushed me to listen to the radio better. She couldn’t believe it: apparently a plane had crashed into one of the WTC towers. It wasn’t until she had dropped me off at school when we learned about the second one. People didn’t know what to think. My classmates, 11 and 12 year olds struggled to make sense. I asked my P.E coach what she thought and she was probably the only one in my school who was pro-military. One classmate was a wreck because she feared her uncle was going to die and got scolded for using her cellphone in class. That week, my mother, grandfather and I saw the play 1776 and went to synagogue for a special service and it was the first time I saw two close family members cry at the same time. I failed to fully appreciate the depth of patriotism they felt.

My mother explained to me that as an immigrant, you have a deeper appreciation for American take less things for granted. And my grandfather has seen a lot more (he nearly joined the RAF during WW2 except he was 1-2 years too young). That was when I first felt what it meant to be an American. “One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Storytelling Events in Los Angeles

I just came back from this month’s In Bloom storytelling event at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre. One of my goals back here in LA was to explore different styles of story “slams” or storytelling events for ideas on how to better improve how I organize storyslams in Krakow.

So far, I went to two In Bloom events and one The Moth Storyslam. In Bloom is hosted monthly and features local TV writers, stand-up comedians, producers and actors in the biz who perform and volunteer because of their dedication and love for basically standing up in a small theatre with an intimate audience (no more than 60 people) and telling a humorous (sometimes awkward or sad) but very personal true story. I think the best storyteller, or one of the best, was Deana Barone who organizes another storytelling event, the Trunk Show in Santa Monica.

To take my “attempt-to-respark-my-creativity” mode one step further, I am taking a storyteling class this week and meeting with an acting coach because I think these might help me professionally as a writer. But who knows. What if I get too creative?


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