Stilettos for Slovakia

Every day, my half-Russian Slovak friend has been sending parcels to my university address. Reason? She is in love with Polish shoe brands like Truffle. Thankfully she plans to pick them up or else my cross-dressing friend might steal them. They are intimidating looking but beautiful stilettos, minimum 12 inches high. I think the administration at CES is convinced that “my friend” is really me. A man behind m

And at the grocery store/sklep  an older gentleman asked what was in the shoe box “Truffle” and said that “truffle” were bardzo pyszny (very tasty) and asked, in Polish where I got them…from Italy? I opened the box and he momentarily looked crest-fallen but highly amused. Polish shoe-makers, you might want to start marketing to Slovakia if my friend is an example of your ideal customer.
For an example of the shoes my friend loves so much, click here.

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