“Sad News for the Jews”

Recently, far-right political party Jobbik caused an uproar in Hungary and abroad when Hungarian MP Marton Gyongyosi essentially demanded a list of all the country’s Jews for fear that they posed a “national security risk.”

Meanwhile, interestingly enough, Hungary rejected a Holocaust survivor’s defamation case against well-known Rabbi Slomo Koves. Gruner, in the article, accused Elie Wiesel of stealing the identity and story of a former concentration camp inmate. Rabbi Koves compared Gruner to Norman Finklestein and basically accused him of “falsifying history.”  The entire news article is sad to read. There are no “winners” no matter what the outcome would have been. Gruner is essentially a tortured soul who endured and witnessed too much history for one lifetime.

A Jobbik lawmaker has demanded that a Hungarian MP step down simply because they were Israeli.

Index, a Hungarian news portal, later quoted Novak as saying, “Israel has more deputies in the Hungarian Parliament than they have in the Israeli Knesset,” and this caused the Hungarian Parliament to make “favorable” decisions toward Israel.

Novak sent an email to all deputies on Nov. 28 requesting that in the public interest, they make any dual citizenship public.

My grandfather’s wise comments on the overall political landscape in Hungary:

Ugly news for the Jews ….. I think most rattlesnakes have more fundamental soul and decent values than most politicians … obviously this is a ploy designed to get him a hate-based-voting-cadre ..

I hope the bastard rots in hell and soon. How  could he get such a list? does Hungary demand  you declare  yourself as Jewish and wear a yellow arm band. ?
I so wish I had Grandfathered you into a much more decent social
reality.  It would have  had to have been someplace aside from one  peopled by “humans” ..
What does the Ambassador base his “quit worrying” statement on ?
next they will throw him out of Hungary.

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