And soon the Caucasus

Dear Readers,


I will be in the Caucasus, mostly based in Tbilisi, Georgia from 20 July-27 August. I also  will be in Armenia for 3 days in late August. Cities I will visit with my friend Tina are Batumi on the Black Sea, the enigmatic Svaneti region, the wine country in the mountains, monasteries and castles in Kutaisi (the second biggest city), and the Stalin museum in Gori.

Pictures will be posted in the near future thanks to my father kindly bringing me a camera next week for my old one died after a short but useful life of six years.  Call me naive, but I expect cameras to last forever!

While I will mostly be staying at my friend’s or cooling off in the mountains (Tbilisi literally means heat for a reason!) and finishing my M.A thesis, I will also try to write and sell a few articles on the side based on ideas and experiences (and maybe misadventures!) I will share with my friend.

Some of these topics of consideration will cover collective memory, conflict and memory, political and social trends in the region, and travelogueish sort of stuff.


Thank you all for reading and I promise I will post more often!




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  1. It was great meeting you Girl! Hopefully we will manage to catch up n Armenia as well!

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