Freelance Writer, Blogger and student based in Krakow for the next two years.


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  1. Hi Maia — I read your review of The Moth book on Amazon, and am writing to say that if you enjoyed my contribution to the book, you might enjoy the live recording of my monologue, which I developed at The Moth and which has just been released:


    This is NOT an audiobook — it’s a super-darkly-comic solo show that toured the country and is currently #10 on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in Comedy. (Excerpts of different performances — NOT from my new recording — have been featured on The Moth and This American Life.)

    I know you have lots of ways to spend your time, so I assure you, I’m asking you to consider my new work only because I believe deeply in its merit. And, I’m told, it’s very, very funny!

    Thanks for your consideration,

    James Braly

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