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Update on Serbia

Serbia and Greece seem to be changing places, according to Tim Judah:

In a few years’ time, it may be conventional wisdom to say that the demise of the euro, or whatever else now lies ahead of Europe, was again sparked by some damned foolish thing in the Balkans. Only this time, war is unlikely and Serbia won’t be the culprit. That honor would go to mendacious Greek leaders, their statisticians and an election in which Greek voters put their country’s position in Europe at risk.

The Serbian Progressive Party, led by Tomislav Nikolic, became the largest in parliament, although the party alleges that electoral fraud has taken place. Nikolic was once a leader of the Serbian Radical Party, whose founder is on trial for war crimes in The Hague. But Nikolic split away in 2008, and now says he stands for European values and joining the EU.

It is no big surprise, then, that incumbent Tadic wants to make sure that his country really goes down the path towards his desired goal: the EU. Meanwhile, Nikolic says that if he wins, Serbia will finally learn “the truth” about “election fraud.” It seems quite typically political, to say the the least, that both Tadic and Nikolic are basically accusing each other of the same thing: rigging the elections at the most, or lack of transparency, to say the least.

Milosevic’s former wartime spokesman, Ivica Dacic also “signed up to a pro-EU path” which goes to show–that sometimes, its hard to discern what these policians’ true feelings are, or if they are opportunistically bending to what they think the people want.

Jovan Deretic, an “expert” according to Voice of Russia, described Ivica Dacic as a “very bad man” who “played a very bad role in [this] election” who with Tadic “supervised the stolen election.” Deretic, according to this article, is a member of the “Free Serbia” movement. In trying to identify what this movement was, the first results on Google were the Serbian Renewal Movement and New Serbia. Despite the low outcomes in the polls–Deretic still has hope. He said, defiantly, ” And people think of us very good now here in Serbia because there is nobody else to trust. But we are not yet in the power to change the situation. We will be strong enough to make a change.”

At least there is hope–not just in Deretic but for Serbia after all. In six days, we will know for sure.

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